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Akron Adapt-a-Pole Salvage Kit

Akron Adapt-a-Pole Salvage Kit
The Adapt-a-Pole is designed to deliver a multi-purpose tool for use in every situation. This tool allows for flexibility & versatility from the same handle. To change tools or hooks, simply disengage the Adapt-a-Pole locking mechanism, select and attach the desired tool or hook for the job. Then itís back to work. There is no longer a need to carry several different tools to accomplish the many tasks around the fire ground. The Adapt-a-Pole provides the tool and hooks for all those tasks in one simple yet effective tool. The Adapt-a-Pole, a must have for every fire apparatus.
(1)  Dry Wall Hook 3' (AP-3-DWH)
(1)  Squeegee (AP-SQ)
(1)  Square Nose Shovel (AP-SH)
(1)  Push Broom (AP-BH)
(2)  Handles 4' (AP-4-BG)
(1)  Extension 4' (AP-4-EXT)
Weight 8.00 lbs
Price: $361.13
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