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Elite XR Thermal Imager


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ISG Elite XR Thermal Imaging System
The ISG ELITE XR is the only imager in the world that can provide a clear thermal image up to temperatures of 2,000 degrees. The ELITE is a palm sized small form factor camera, yet carries big camera performance.

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ISG Elite XR Fast Attack Truck Mount Charger
The new Fast Attack is equipped with a quick-release mechanism that secures the ELITE XR while charging. An additional battery can charge in the spare battery holder at the same time. Fast Attack Plus ensures the ELITE XR is topped-off when you arrive at the scene.

Price: $755.00
ISG Elite XR SuperCell Battery (3 Hour)
SuperCell is the standard battery. Standard run time - 3 hours.

Price: $165.00
ISG Elite XR Extended SuperCell Battery (5 Hour)
Extended SuperCell is an extended capacity battery pack capable of operating the ELITE XR for 5 hours. Extended SuperCell is ideal for long duration calls, such as HazMat, or large structure overhaul.

Price: $203.00
ISG Elite XR Conditioning Battery Charger
The ELITE XR Desktop Charger is used when charging SuperCell batteries in the station. The Desktop Charger is our most economical charging alternative.

Price: $199.00
ISG Elite XR Tac-Grip Handle
The TAC-Grip II is a detachable pistol-grip style handle that provides an alternative means of handling your imager. It easily and quickly clips into the ELITE XR without the use of tools.

Price: $170.00